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Profit strategies for context and locations enhanced services

Metaplaces09 brings you an unbeatable selection of speakers to learn from and network with, including:


The location business enabler's annual fair

MetaPlaces is a two day business and strategy conference and expo for the location platform and service providers as well as wireless carriers and device manufacturers. I defined the audience in more detail here.

The agenda is now complete and regularly updated with the contribution from our steering commitee MetaPlaces is also a community of LBS insiders discussing the industry changes, the back stories and the solutions to the challenges ahead.

Everything you need to know about the show is contained in this page.

Scroll down for your 30 sec scan of the conference highlights or delve deeper and find out:

  • Where the event will take place and how to get there
  • What the key topics the conference will cover, how the show will help you drive business,
  • Who are the key players you will meet and spend time with
  • Who is already sponsoring and partnering The show
  • Why there is only one place to make it all happen!

Across 2 days of conference, networking and exhibition, MetaPlaces09 will discuss:

  • LOCK IN LONG TERM LOCATION WINS: Evaluate now which business models will give you the best long term value. Advertising, profiling, business intelligence trending and the critical relationships between content and application providers
  • ECOSYSTEM EVOLUTION IN 2010: Get an exclusive and unique look at what the biggest global players and most exciting new start-ups have planned for 2010

  • SOCIAL. LOCAL. MOBILE: Discover the key drivers and latest emerging trends across all location platforms and how you can leverage your service or technology to capitalize on them

  • WHAT OPEN TECHNOLOGY AND DATA CAN OFFER YOU: Location API, context platform, privacy management, indoor location… gain an in depth insight into the latest developments and how they will add value to location enabled offerings

And a lot more, check out the full agenda!

The key areas discussed at the show will revolve around:

  • Get new models for how context enabled content is distributed, consumed and monetized
  • Investigate the service models and resulting information that will benefit the advertisers
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  • How privacy issues will affect LBS Business Models
  • LBS channels to market, app shops and the carriers role change
  • How location data democracy will accelerate the location market opportunities
  • Web as a platform; Geo enable the mobile app and services


The key people you want to meet and mingle with:

At MetaPlaces09 this September in San Jose, CA, you’ll find people working on crowd sourcing, business intelligence trending, family tracking, location aggregating, you’ll find them offboard, on decks, pushed or fetched. You'll most certainly find everybody scared of privacy issues and wonder what they all do about it. You’ll also find people running database engines, map engines, calculator platforms or providing all sorts of map data and even more kinds of mapped information rich in context and opportunities to resell … Be part of that crowd today


MetaPlaces09 will enable you to meet and do business through 2 tracks of conference agenda, including hands-on workshop, chaired balanced and unbiased panel discussions and visionary keynotes. During the breaks, check out how LBS is making money today, the coolest tech and latest applications out there at the Geo Expo. Finish the day by joining map providers, application providers, platform developers, device manufacturers and other technology gurus for a drink and some canapés for the evening reception.

Want to know more? Contact me direct or get all the updates! 

Get ready for 2 packed days of business networking and exchange:

  • Where device manufacturers talk to middleware and application providers about location-based services across markets
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    Where location platforms providers find located content sources and mashup business opportunities
  • Where entrepreneurs and business developers meet to make the financial opportunities of this booming new market a reality

Get Audience details

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MetaPlaces is the first event to gather all the major LBS players and address the current challenges and future impact of “relevance in place and time”. 1020 Placecast is excited to sponsor such a seminal event and contribute to the shaping of this nascent industry -

Anne Bezancon, Founder and President, 1020 Placecast

I'm delighted to see this focus on an holistic location aware experience and business. The future of geo technologies has very much outgrown its origins in the traditional automotive sector.

Tyler Bell, Yahoo!

MetaPlaces provides a fantastic platform for all of participating companies to share location expertise and insight into where the industry is headed. It should be a very informative event.

Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO, Wavemarket

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Event Updates

1/09; Dev Khare, VP, Venrock has accepted to moderate the privacy session. MetaPlaces is now ready to roll!!

24/08; Very Excited to announce that on the same day MapQuest and VeriPlace have confirmed their sponsorship!

20/08; ABI provides a white paper on Privacy to MetaPlaces subscribers. Our site was hacked yesterday so if you tried to access the reports from the email I sent. Please try again now. It is now working

17/08; Andreas Weigend, PhD, former Chief Scientist at will keynote on day 2

10/08; Alcatel Lucent is now confirmed as co-sponsor!

22/07; Waze confirmed they're sponsoring the show!! They will also speak on the Next Gen Map session

07/07; Navteq confirmed to sponsor MetaPlaces. Experts will be participating on the content and advertising sessions.

22/06; Boost Mobile confirmed to participate on the Mobile Search Ad session

14/05; Speakers list now updated

28/05; conference brochure on its way to everybody that asked for the print out

21/05; interview with loopt

15/05; Google Mobile ad confirmed to participate

8/05; 1020 Placecast is now Gold Sponsor!

29/04; Publicis confirmed to participate

22/04; Nokia SoLo confirmed


Talking Metadata

TheWhereBusiness is where the LBS service providers and location service enablers are meeting and exchanging tips, strategies and ideas. It's also a place to look for geo content, platforms, staff, tools and tricks.

TheWhereBusiness group is a fantastic networking place with already more than 300 active participant

Ultimately it's where LBS pro get their dose of Metadata banter, keeping it purely profesional of course...!


TheWHEREbusiness News

10 years in the making ;-)
MetaPlaces 09 is a brand new event based on 8 years experience. The team behind it has organised very successful conferences and exhibition in areas as varied as fleet management systems, logistics integration, navigation, in-car telematics, road charging, vehicle tracking, wireless technologies, mobile marketing and even asset monitoring/M2M or insurance telematics.

Do you see a pattern? For 8 years we have looked at the slow birth of the location-based services market without ever calling it so. Now is the time to bring everything together and create a place for everybody working on map based Stuff to discuss where the biggest trends and opportunities are and to foster the next generation of cross-platform integrated location-based services: The WHERE Business

Now the next step is to understand where the first vertical markets to take advantage of the location revolution are. At TheWhereBusiness, we believe that after navigation and traffic, the area that are of most interest are location enhanced advertising, geo publishing and Hyper local publishing and family and lone worker locating. If you agree and want to participate on forthcoming conferences on those topics, contact me!

MetaPlaces '09 is different

Get the Key web, platform, device and network players under one roof!

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    Mingle with around 150 attendees
  • 55 top names speaking
  • Get 24 hours of intense presentations and debate
  • 10 hours of possible networking time
  • Meet the key names of the big brands
  • Network before and after the show using the show's exclusive Online Networking Centre
  • Dare speed networking and reap the rewards
  • Supported by the key industry analysts



KEY benefits that make this event a must:

  • Discover the key changes and trends in the location industry
  • Get new ways to create value out of location and context
  • Identify viable advertising business models
  • Find ways to protect your business against future privacy lawsuits
  • Learn how to profit from open API, open platforms, open maps and ... open buffet!

Invest 2 days of your time to participate in the most innovative and rewarding event for the location world. Meet people from all sides of the industry providing all sorts of geo-enhanced application and services, as well as those with the latest tech solutions. You’ll get back to your desk with your head filled with ideas, strategy models and your pockets full of business cards!

Are these the key issues you are facing?

  • Survive the location landscape smackdown: Get profit strategies as geo content is commoditized and services are expected for free
  • Digging data for dollars: How to extract intelligence from petabytes of location data and turn it into valuable and unique business intelligence solutions
  • Make social networks local and LBS social: Get a glimpse into the untold opportunities created by adding location and context data to social networks based applications
  • The future of making money from maps: 3D, personal, integrated, free?
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Content, applications, operators and devices - MetaPlaces covers all the bases. If you think your company has the answer then send me your request for paper, if you want to provide solutions or need answers, then you need to be at the show!!

  • Delivering advertiser’s dreams: Analyse the risks and opportunities in profiling users to a degree of accuracy
    advertisers will drool over
  • Privacy, data ownership and control: Hear the legal, infrastructure and business perspectives on how to reduce risk whilst delivering the maximum possible value to users and advertisers
  • Last call for operator centric location services: Investigate the models to generate valuable “dumb phone” services and increase ARPU
  • Understand how to extract value from maps in the future. Identify the set of attributes that will provide value on top of the base maps

Do you think there is something missing? Feedback to the LinkedIn group
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MetaPlaces09: Why NOW?

The fact is, mobile devices have taken over the world. Maps and location data is bordering on ubiquitous and is fast becoming a commodity. On top of that, connectivity bandwidth and affordability has vastly improved, making actual mobile web browsing finally bearable. From this, a brand new multi-billion dollar industry has evolved, with hundreds of different vertical services branching off to create one of the most exciting industries to work in today: the Where Business

This is what some of the Key players in the industry had to say about the timing of this show:


I'm delighted to see this focus on an holistic location aware experience and business. The future of geo technologies has very much outgrown its origins in the traditional automotive sector.

Tyler Bell, Yahoo

The worldwide market for location-based telecommunication services is expected to exceed $1.6 billion in 2009 as an ever increasing number of cellular and other wireless carriers provide customized services based upon a location awareness of their end-users.

The INSIGHT Research Corporation

I see the September MetaPlaces event as the impetus for the communications and sharing of the digital data evolution. My interest is greater than ever.

Stephen Ulanoski, GE

In the near future, claiming rich collections of geodata will be moot. Anything that can be located, will be. The real challenge will be to ensure that everything else associated with a record—hours of operation, accessibility, commerce-enablement, imagery, etc—is up to date. ‘Perishability’ will be the new accuracy.

Ian White, Urban Mapping

Mobile operators are in a unique position to leverage this emerging location-aware web for a new class of profitable consumer applications

Shailendra Jain, Abaqus Inc.

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With millions of dollars, thousands of opportunities and hundreds of ways to develop, provide and embrace this new market, it is critical to be aware and keep up with new technologies, players and business models that turn location information into must-have services.

Gold Sponsor:

"Placecast specializes in location-based marketing, connecting brands to consumers on the go. Featured in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, our technology uses location information, proprietary algorithms and other publicly available data to deliver more meaningful marketing to consumers based on location. Publishers and advertisers use this information to deliver relevant marketing to sought-after audiences across the web and mobile. "

Badge Sponsor:

Waze is a free social mobile app that enables drivers to build and use live maps and real-time traffic updates for an optimal commute. By providing turn-by-turn directions, waze gets users to where they need to be, faster. Waze also gives drivers the ability to actively update one another on traffic, police traps, road construction, speed cams and weather hazards, reflecting a live description of the road at any given moment – and because it’s 100% user-generated, the more people who use waze, the better it gets!

Platform Sponsor:

Veriplace is a Location API that provides access to location data of 10’s of millions of phones via WaveMarket’s direct access to Tier 1 carrier networks. Using this Location Aggregation platform, Developers can locate individual devices on demand—both feature phones and smartphones—via a web services API. The platform is commercially live, connected to Tier 1 carriers, and has a large and rapidly growing developer community. The Veriplace platform handles Privacy and Permissions, leveraging OAuth and supporting OpenID, so integration into web services is seamless and respects the privacy of the end-user. The platform flips the traditional location mobile development on its head a bit by accessing location of the device remotely from the network, normalizing access across devices, networks, and location technologies… Perfect for web services, SMS, or WAP applications, as well as downloadable apps.


Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) is the trusted partner of service providers, enterprises and governments worldwide, providing solutions to deliver voice, data and video communication services to end-users. A leader in fixed, mobile and converged broadband networking, IP technologies, applications and services, Alcatel-Lucent leverages the unrivalled technical and scientific expertise of Bell Labs, one of the largest innovation powerhouses in the communications industry. With operations in more than 130 countries and the most experienced global services organization in the industry, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner with a global reach.


MapQuest gives businesses, ranging from large enterprises to individual developers, the ability to build dynamic mapping and location-oriented capabilities into their internally- and externally-facing applications. By helping both employees and customers answer the questions, “where is it, how to get there and what’s nearby?” businesses can increase end-user satisfaction and operational efficiency and improve revenue. MapQuest’s flexible SDKs and Web Services enables the easy creation of advanced mapping applications for Web, wireless and desktop applications. More information about the MapQuest Platform can be found here: or learn about our Developer Network at


NAVTEQ is the leading global provider of digital map, traffic and location data that enables navigation and location-based platforms around the world. NAVTEQ® maps span 77 countries and territories on six continents.

Concentrated heavily in North America and Europe, the NAVTEQ map database continues its expansion into numerous markets around the world. Whether in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia or Australia, NAVTEQ delivers data to the same database specification utilizing the same technology at the consistently high level of quality and support.

NAVTEQ is headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA, with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide located in 190 offices in 39 countries.

Endorsing association:

LiMo FoundationTM is a global consortium of mobile leaders delivering an open Linux based handset platform for use by the whole mobile industry. Headquartered in London, LiMo was founded in January 2007 with an inclusive and transparent governance model by Motorola, NEC, NTT DOCOMO, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung and Vodafone and has since attracted very strong broad industry backing from a membership group that now exceeds 50 mobile industry leading companies and innovators globally – its members have already deployed 33 commercial LiMo-compliant handsets worldwide.

The Mobile Marketing Association is an action-oriented association designed to clear obstacles to market development, to establish guidelines and best practices for sustainable growth, and to evangelize the mobile channel for use by brands and third party content providers.

MMA members include agencies, advertisers, hand held device manufacturers, wireless operators and service providers, retailers, software and services providers, as well as any company focused on the potential of marketing via the mobile channel.

Marketing Partners:

ABI Research is a leading provider of market research in the wireless connectivity ecosystem. Our collaborative approach incorporates in-depth industry expertise with strategic analyst interaction. We equip our clients with information, enabling them to react quickly and to stay competitive within the emerging technology sector, both locally and globally. est un magazine en ligne en français couvrant l'industrie du géospatial, incluant la géomatique, la cartographie 2D et 3D, les SIG, les GPS et assistants de navigation, les services Web géolocalisés (Location Based Services) et l'intelligence basée sur la localisation (Location Intelligence). Nous suivre sur Twitter @BALIZ_MEDIA_com

Berg Insight offers premier business intelligence to the telecom industry. We produce concise reports providing key facts and strategic insights about pivotal developments in our focus areas. Our vision is to be the most valuable source of intelligence for our customers. To date we have provided analytical services to hundreds of clients in 50 countries. Our customers range from many of the world’s largest mobile operators, IT companies and telecom vendors, to venture capitalists, technology start-ups and specialist consultants. Our present focus areas are wireless M2M, location-based services and mobile VAS. In June 2006 we launched the online media site LBS Insight that is dedicated to the global LBS industry. is an online media group providing consumer electronic business news to professionals worldwide. reaches its global business readership in niche audience segments across medias specialized in the consumer electronic markets. currently acts in the HDTV, Smartphone, VOIP and Storage markets. We provide news on semiconductors, software, hardware, OEM, content, manufacturer's brands, wireless operators, distributors and retailers on a global scale. We focus on worldwide consumer electronics markets.

For more information, please contact us at

GoMo News is a young news site with a niche focus on breaking news in mobile marketing and services. With a focus on mobile social networks, advertising, search, barcodes, analytics and more, it is one of the leaders in mobile breaking news for the mobile marketing segment.

GPS Business News is the only online media providing business news on the consumer GPS industry. We cover the entire value chain of this market, providing news on semiconductors, software, hardware, OEM, mapping and content, manufacturer's brands, wireless operators, distributors and retailers on a global scale. We focus on mass market geo-positioning applications such as automobile and outdoor navigation, sport and fitness monitoring, people and pet tracking, geo-gaming and mobile social networking.

GPS Obsessed is a blog focusing on location-based services and applications and the implications they have in our daily lives. It is written by industry enthusiast Justin Davey.

iSuppli Corporation is the global leader in technology value chain research and advisory services. iSuppli provides market intelligence services for the EMS, OEM and supplier communities in addition to servicing consumer electronics and financial concerns. Services afforded by iSuppli range from electronic component research to device-specific application market forecasts, from teardown analysis to consumer electronics and from display device and systems research to custom services. More information is available at

Juniper Research is a UK based analyst house specialising in the identification and appraisal of high growth opportunities across the telecoms and media sectors. We offer intelligence, analysis and forecasting in the following areas; Mobile Content & Applications, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Technologies, Mobile Markets, Players & Strategies and Mobile Handsets & Devices. Our clients receive annual updates in the form of high quality analyst reports as well as consultancy and bespoke projects. Recent reports include an update to our flagship Mobile Entertainment series and our bestselling Mobile Payment Markets series including reports on NFC and Mobile Money Transfer.

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With over 285,000 registered users, attracts over 1 million monthly visits. They are trusted by GPS users and industry professionals worldwide to provide unbiased and comprehensive help, news and reviews. also produce the hugely popular "visited and verified" International Speed and Red Light Camera Warning Database.

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