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The Conference Agenda

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Day One - Tuesday 15th June, 9am - 7pm
Plenary Sessions
8.50 - 9.00: Chairman's Introduction: Jonathan Raper, Professor of GIS, London City University & Chief Executive, Placr
9.00 - 9.20: Opening Presentation
Connected Services and Applications: What's on the agenda for OEMs?
  • Get market trends and forecasts for next-generation connected services that will genuinely push the market forward
  • Are apps the next big revolution in the automotive space? Get an overview of app store initiatives from OEMs and examine types of apps, platforms and enabling technologies
  • Hear the latest HMI Concepts from the Automotive Industry: How is HMI a differentiation concept and what is the future for this market?
  • From 3D Navigation to dynamic POI to ad-based models: Hear trends and forecasts for emerging areas in Navigation 
Michael Minich, Consultant Automotive, Frost & Sullivan
9.20 - 9.45: Keynote Presentation
Integration and Innovation in Navigation From BMW
  • Find out how BMW is endowing navigation with artificial intelligence and basic learning skills
  • See how tight integration of navigation, with vehicle sensors and displays, leads to a new navigation experience
  • Discover how microNavigation can help you drive through complex areas and find your way to your destination
  • ConnectedDrive meets EfficientDynamics: Navigation as the broker between sensor data, energy systems and other cars
Robert Hein, Head of Future Navigation and Data Services, BMW Research and Technology
9.45 - 10.10: Presentation
Why Where is the Next Big What ?
  • The shift to connected consumers changes advertising as we know it
  • In the unconnected world, advertisers may reach millions of people at the same time with the same ad
  • In the connected world, it’s more important to reach the right people at the right place and the right time
  • How can LBS players take best advantage of this fragmented landscape?
  • NAVTEQ will share case studies, insights, and primary research gleaned from its eight years as pioneers of location-based advertising and its position as the industry’s most compelling location-intelligent mobile ad network
Andrew Little, Director Publisher Affiliations EMEA, NAVTEQ Media Solutions
10.10 - 10.40: Networking Coffee Break
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10.40 - 11.00: Presentation
Industry and user expectations for in-vehicle Navigation and LBS

  • Get a full overview of the ecosystem
  • Discuss the usability issues surrounding navigation and LBS in the vehicle
  • What challenges still need to be overcome for navigation and LBS to reach it true potential? 
  • Understand that with power comes responsibility
Dr. Marcus Heitmann, Senior Manager, Deutsche Telekom
11.00 - 11.20: Corporate Partnerships and Networks: Use strategic partnerships to create product distinction, uniqueness and value
  • Understand why the LBS and navigation eco-system is particularly suited to partnerships
  • Build on the inherent strength of your partners: The 1+1=3 affect
  • The pay or play factor: What creates real value and a demand that can be monetized?
  • See how partnerships can close the gap between fun apps, cool apps and useful apps that solve problems and provide relevant information
  • When major brands form partnerships (e.g. Microsoft & Yahoo!, 02 & iPhone) what are the repercussions for the industry as a whole? 
Ian Koeppel, Business Development Manager, ESRI
11.20 - 11.40: Expert Analysis
The Future for the PND: Where will consumers drive us next - and how closely should we follow?
  • How does consumer awareness and perception differ between PND and mobile navigation systems?
  • Find out what connected navigation services consumers prefer and which brands consumers are drawn to
  • Which consumer segments will drive mobile navigation growth?  And which will remain with PNDs?
  • Which user-interface enhancements are compelling for users?  Which are frustrating?
Chris Schreiner, Senior Analyst, Strategy Analytics
11.40 - 12.00: Everything is Connected: Now What?
  • Understand why the search for the "killer app" was an attractive nuisance
  • Can you define "connected navigation" or is this a fool's errand? 
  • Find out who "owns" the customer
  • See how nouns figure in the R & D efforts of NNG
Jim Nardulli, Senior Vice President - Sales, NNG Global Services
12.00 - 1.30: Networking Lunch Break
Mobile Navigation Track Content and Community Track
1.30 - 2.00: Presentation
Pricing and Business Models: Taking the future of navigation head-on via a different route
1.30 - 2.10: Panel Discussion
Monetising POI: What services will people pay for? And how will they pay?
  • Find out how skobbler are using OSM technology for turn-by-turn navigation 
  • Take a different approach to monetization: Reinvent yourself and tap into additional revenue streams
  • A different approach: Think "community" rather than "competition"
  • Hear predictions on the future of the mobile navigation landscape
Marcus Thielking, CMO & CFO, skobbler
  • Identify what POI business models will prevail: Subscription? One-time? Ad-based?
  • What categories of POIs will users pay for: Petrol prices? Speed/Red-light cameras? Parking info? 
  • How will free applications from Google and Nokia change the nature of the game?
  • What proportion of POIs change every year? How do you update your POIs quickly and cost-effectively? 
  • Can you dynamically and efficiently manage POI data without specialised indexing techniques - and avoid data corruption?
  • From static to search to advertising: If POI becomes ad-based, how will advertisers measure their return on investment?
  • Will users pay for relevant content - or is advertising the only realistic way to monetise?
  • See how correlated consumer search data increases opportunities to monetise

Moderator: Claudio Schapsis, Founder, LBS Strategies

Jean Cherbonnier, CEO & Co-Founder, NAVX

Cragg Nilson, Senior Director, Product Management, CloudMade

2.00 - 2.45: Panel Discussion
The Rise and Rise of Apps: The distribution, commercial models & practicalities of the app store model
2.10 - 3.30: Workshop
Positioning Technologies: The evolving landscape and opportunities
  • The game-changing impact of app stores - who's making the most money now and how much is there left to play for?
  • What are the key differentiators that are propelling smartphones ahead of PNDs?
  • Find out how the mobile navigation user experience is evolving
  • How can operators and OS-led app stores create enough momentum to catch up with the current leaders? Can they become a viable channel for navigation companies? 
  • Paying for apps:  Is the subscription model dead for mobile navigation? 
  • Find out how to increase revenues by integrating in-app billing and one-click payments 
  • Can off-board, operator-owned navigation apps hope to match the quality of Google's navigation products? 
  • Debate the impact of the top mega-brands on innovation, competition and consumer awareness in the mobile navigation arena

Moderator: Jonathan Raper, Professor of GIS, London City University & Chief Executive, Placr
Joern Watzke, EVP Product Line Management, NAVIGON AG
Marcus Thielking, CMO & CFO, skobbler

Andre Gueziec, President & CEO, Beat The Traffic
Kristian Nylund, Director of Sales & Business Development, Europe, TeleCommunication Systems Inc

Evaluate the main location technologies and their evolution
  • Obtain a thorough overview of each of these and their use in the next 5 years
  • Identify the vertical markets each technology is best positioned to deliver on
  • Highlight the role, weight and competitive value of new positioning technologies including Galileo, NFC and sensor locations
  • Dissect the forthcoming path of each location technology and how they are interacting and merging
  • Benefit from a professional, neutral and precise understanding of the upcoming competitive environment in location technology
Identify the main players in this market, their strengths and strategies
  • Gain an insight into how the location competition is going to evolve and hear original research based on 3 months of intensive interviews with the key players
  • Acquire a visual complete schematics of the location technology ecosystem highlighting each technology supply chain
Chairman: Frederic Bruneteau, Founding Partner, PTOLEMUS
  3.30- 4.00: Networking Coffee Break
2.45 - 3.10: Presentation
Augmented Reality: Case study & roadmap of Bouygues Telecom's augmented reality application
4.00 - 4.45: Panel Discussion

How do you deliver a live, dynamic traffic service in Europe's fragmented market?

  • Hear about Bouygues Telecom's augmented reality application developed in conjunction with pages jaunes (Yellow Pages)
  • Find out how OEMs, POI providers and operators can exploit and integrate augmented reality into their products
  • Usage figures: How many people use augmented reality? 
  • Is augmented reality commercially viable?  Can you monetise it?
Martin Kaiser, Director Roadmap Services, Bouygues Telecom
  • Discuss how to overcome data roaming fees when traffic information needs to be distributed across multiple countries 
  • Find out how to get updated, accurate content from your traffic partners As traffic becomes a standard feature, how can you differentiate your products? 
  • How can predictive traffic data lead to more reliable and useful travel time information and better routing? 
  • How can you get traffic data using a combination of device connectivity, social location and crowd sourcing to offer a differentiated service? 
  • What ancillary services, over and above fuel prices and restaurant guides, can you sell alongside traffic information? 
  • From Probe Data to Crowd Sourcing: How can traffic providers make the most of their crowd-sourced data?
  • When will traffic data achieve the standard consumers expect?
  • Is there an opportunity for government bodies to get involved with traffic and work with mobile operators?
Moderator: Mike Flom, Managing Director, Flom LBS Consulting
Hans-Hendrik Puvogel, General Manager, INRIX
Jarkko Jaakkola, Head of Sales, Destia Traffic
Andreas Erwig, Director Real Time Traffic Europe, NAVTEQ Services GmbH
Fabio Pressi, CEO, Infoblu
3.10 - 3.40: Networking Coffee Break  
3.40 - 4.00: Presentation
Discover how can sensors be used to enhance pedestrian navigation

4.45 - 5.15: Closing Presentation

The Power of Community: How to leverage it for LBS, Navigation & content creation

  • What are the market prospects of sensors for pedestrian applications?
  • Will we see sensors integrated into devices as standard? 
  • The next step in true inertial navigation: See how accelerometers and gyroscope can be used for Indoor navigation
  • The status of sensors for pedestrian navigation: What progression is being made in price, performance and integration? 
  • Discuss what challenges still need to be addressed
Jérémie Bouchaud, Director - Principal analyst MEMS, iSuppli Deutschland GmbH
  • What drives people to contribute content? And how do you incentivise your users to contribute? 
  • Will OpenStreetMap ever achieve content and quality that's on a par with traditional map providers? 
  • Are community-based maps viable for turn-by-turn navigation?  And should traditional navigation providers be worried?
  • In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, rescue workers used OSM to share life-and-death information.  How can special interest groups exploit user-generated, instantly updatable mapping?
  • How many people do you need to contribute content and crowd sourcing to get accurate data?
  • How can users control when they share information?  And how do you overcome privacy issues? 
  • How will Google use UGC to enhance their own mapping efforts and differentiate their products and services? 
  • Discuss how other companies can use OSM.  What are the legal implications?
Henk Hoff, Board Member, OpenStreetMap Foundation
4.00 - 4.20: Presentation
Indoor Location: Can hybrid technologies deliver mass market solutions?
Mass market indoor positioning technology is evolving fast - with radio-based wifi/bluetooth and inertial approaches being pursued as potential solutions.  Low-power ‘always on' GPS is also an emerging trend.
  • Can using these technologies together lead to a system that meets the challenges of indoor positioning and navigation?
  • What opportunities are there for building navigation datasets from user data?  And what value might this deliver?
Ian Sheret, Consultant, Polymath Insight
4.20 - 5.10: Panel Discussion
Indoor Locations: Opportunities and applications for mapping & navigating
  • Identify applications and business models to monetise indoor navigation in locations such as shopping centres, campuses, theme parks, museums, public areas, etc.   
  • Where are the workable business models to profit from indoor navigation?
  • Who will take responsibility for mapping these places?
  • Why should traditional navigation players care about indoor navigation?  How soon will the giants enter this space? 
  • Which will be the best fit across the range of indoor locations services?  Will wifi win?
  • How fast is investment in indoor positioning technology driving indoor navigation and mapping? 
  • What comes first, the map or the app? 
  • Indoor advertising: What will it take for location-based advertising to work profitably indoors? 

Moderator: Jérémie Bouchaud, Director - Principal analyst MEMS, iSuppli Deutschland GmbH

Ian Sheret, Consultant, Polymath Insight
Stuart Strickland, Director, GPS & Hybrid Location Strategy, Atheros Communications
Christian Carle, CEO, Polestar
Ruslan Budnik, General Manager, Spirit Telecom
Claudio Schapsis, Founder, LBS Strategies

5.10 - 5.30: Closing Keynote Presentation:
Understand the power of connected navigation from a North American perspective
  • Discover implementations and capabilities of eco-friendly navigation applications
  • Identifying the next phase in connectivity - leveraging the phone as an inexpensive means to connect
  • Explore the road ahead for navigation and content
Hassan Wahla, Vice President of Business Development, TeleNav, Inc
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5.30 - 7.00: Networking Drinks Reception

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Day Two: Wednesday, June 16, 2010, 9am - 5pm
Plenary Sessions
9.00 - 9.20: Presentation
From Community to Connectivity: Driving new innovations in Location Based Services
  • Community Input: a rigorous approach to the analysis and production of fresh and high quality map content from probe data
  • From 2D to 3D: Rendering the real world
  • Delivering dynamic content to enable connected  navigation and LBS services, from traffic to ADAS
Simon Glassman, Director Vertical Marketing, Tele Atlas
9.20 - 9.50: Presentation
Mobile Navigation: Overcome commoditisation and profit
  • How can you monetize free mobile navigation?
  • Find out how third parties and developers can benefit from free mobile navigation
  • Will location based services be the key differentiator?
  • Discover the importance of a vibrant and manifold ecosystem
Christof Hellmis, VP Product, Location, Nokia
9.50 - 10.30: Panel Discussion
How can you compete with ‘Free'?
  • How are Nokia and Google's free navigation impacting the industry?
  • How do you monetise turn-by-turn navigation in a world where services are now free?
  • Will the free model really work? And is it really "free"?  
  • Debate how Google and Nokia will monetise free navigation
  • Is sponsored POI a sustainable model for mobile operators and PND manufacturers?
  • With the onset of free, is the subscription model likely to change? 
  • Will people continue to pay for premium services? If so, how much?
  • "When a product is free, consumer expectations are low, and patience is high."  Can traditional navigation manufacturers exploit this to their own advantage? 
Moderator: Mike Flom, Managing Director, Flom LBS Consulting
Andy Marchant, Sector Manger, Navigation, Ordnance Survey
Sergio Cozzolino, VP Innovative ICT Services Development, Telecom Italia
Luis Baptista-Coelho, CEO, NDrive Navigation Systems
Kate Imbach, VP Marketing, Skyhook
10.30 - 11.00: Networking Coffee Break
11.00 - 11.40: Panel Discussion
Tomorrow's Map and Geo Content: Hear how map providers are differentiating their products

The map market is changing.  As the price for basic routable map data drops lower and lower, what business models are capable of profitably providing map data?
  • In the face of commoditisation, how are map providers beginning to differentiate their products?
  • What kind of content can you most usefully put on a map? 
  • Understand the business and technical complexities of integrating data across multiple European countries 
  • How can map providers segment their offerings? 
  • What quality of map and POI data do you need for navigation?
  • How is access to digital map data evolving?  How hard is it to get data based on an app or device? 
  • Differences in map licensing from country to country and device to device:  What are the rules?  How does country-specific legislation affect the distribution of map data? 

Moderator: Jonathan Raper, Professor of GIS, London City University & Chief Executive, Placr

Simon Glassman, Director Vertical Marketing, Tele Atlas
Cragg Nilson, Senior Director, Product Management, CloudMade
Frank Pauli, Vice President EMEA Map and Content Products, NAVTEQ

Ian Koeppel, Business Development Manager, ESRI

11.40 - 12.10: Keynote Presentation
Location Privacy: Averting the perfect storm
  • How serious are the privacy challenges?
  • Get a review of the current legal and regulatory framework for location services
  • Location 2.0: Find out about new technologies, new services, new players and new business models
  • Insight on regulator and policy maker attitudes towards privacy risks and the growth of location services
  • Hear Vodafone's approach to location privacy assurance
  • What industry initiatives address location privacy? 
Stephen Deadman, Group Privacy Officer and Head of Legal - Privacy, Security & Content Standards, Vodafone Group
12.10 - 1.15: Networking Lunch Break
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Navigation Track Content and Community Track
1.15 - 1.45: Presentation
High Performance Platforms & Technology: 3D navigation, 3D HMI, speech, connected services and integration concepts
1.15 - 2.00: Panel Discussion
How to make money from Location-Based Social Networking
  • The latest high performance technology for the automotive market - what's next? 
  • How well do improved loading times enhance navigation and connected services? 
  • How can seamless connectivity reduce costs for suppliers?
  • See how systems, services and software applications can run with increased security and stability
Rudi Nawratek, Business Development Manager Car Infotainment Europe, Intel GmbH   
  • Convergence: What are the opportunities to integrate social networks into navigation devices? Is this the USP you're looking for?
  • All the big players are looking to enhance their services with social aspects.  When will we see the major social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook use location?  Will they make it pay?  
  • Will start-up location-based social networking apps take off?  Or will real success come with building social location into existing services? 
  • How can you infiltrate existing communities to create critical mass?
  • How will location-based social networking be improved by indoor positioning coverage like Skyhook, which combines GPS, Wi-Fi and Cell ID?
  • Google Latitude was not offered on T-mobile because of increased security mechanisms.  What barriers need to be overcome before social location can be monetised?
  • What are the benefits of location-based social networking as a framework for geo-targeted advertising?  
  • How will developments in handset and smartphones spur growth in social location?

Moderator: Claudio Schapsis, Founder, LBS Strategies

Stephen Deadman, Group Privacy Officer and Head of Legal - Privacy, Security & Content Standards, Vodafone Group Services Limited
Thomas Landspurg, CEO, 8motions
Sam Critchley, Co-Founder & Vice President - Products, Gypsii

Christof Hellmis, VP Product, Location, Nokia

1.45 - 2.10: Presentation
Strategies to Use Speech as a New Service Enabler
  • How much do speech and touch help a driver? 
  • Which new technologies can prevent driver distraction?
  • Safety first:  How rapidly are new applications like voice search and voice recognition evolving - will they take over from manual inputs?
  • How will speech develop in the next five years?
  • Device integration: Compare the embedded vs. network approaches to speech-enable your service
  • Understand how legislation will spur growth in speech and touch technology
Stefaan van Gerven, Product Manager, Nuance Communications
2.10 - 3.00: Panel Discussion
Latest Trends for In-Car Navigation Providers: Market positioning & options for embedded and low-cost systems
2.00 - 2.35: Panel Discussion
LBS That Pays: Personal tracking and locating
  • Defend or embrace: How should car manufacturers respond to the smart phone revolution?
  • Discuss the benefits and risks of integrating the mobile user interface and applications into vehicles: How will the inline fitted PND market be affected?
  • Eco-Navigation: Is it just Green PR?
  • Renault's deal with TomTom aims to lower the cost of embedded systems.  Do consumers prefer embedded navigation?
  • When will low-cost in-vehicle navigation make an impact?  And which approach will be favoured?
  • How are partnerships like the one between Skoda and Mio, opening up navigation for lower-end vehicles?   
  • See how navigation databases are becoming the new environment sensor in driver assisted systems
  • Which functionalities, such as lights and gearbox, can benefit from navigation database information? 

Moderator: Joanne Blight, Director of Automotive and Telematics, Strategy Analytics
Volker Remuss, Business Team Multimedia-Integration, Carmeq GmbH

Olaf Mennerich, Assistant Manager, Advanced Product Planning & Strategy, Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe GmbH

Personal tracking - whether for family members or business - is a shaping up to become the first LBS to make serious money.
  • Child security, lone workers, tele-health:  What are the various niches for personal tracking? 
  • What is the market potential? 
  • Is a subscription-b sed offering the most profitable way to go? 
  • See how advanced tracking techniques can identify deviations from standard behaviour and generate alerts and notifications based on geo-location
  • Operator challenges:  Are people-tracking tools a viable business model for mobile operators?
  • Find out how MEMS and other sensors helping people tracking products reach the next level
  • Value vs. Paranoia: Will the value of location applications overcome users' privacy concerns?
  • Are GPS-enabled smartphones enough - or will a dedicated device provide a more robust solution? 

Moderator: Tom Arran, Research Analyst, IMS Research

Velipekka Kuoppala, VP Sales and Marketing, Bluesky Positioning
Sara Murray, Founder and Managing Director, buddi
Martin Worth, Director, Trackaphone

Kajsa Lundfall, CEO, Lociloci

3.00 - 3.30: Networking Coffee Break 2.35 - 3.05: Networking Coffee Break
3.30 - 4.15: Closing Panel Discussion
Connected Navigation and Services: Evolution & trends
3.05 - 6.00: Workshop
Pedestrian Navigation: Promoting and testing GNSS applications in urban areas
  • Assess the potential of connected services:  What are the optimum models for pricing, marketing and content?
  • Berg Insight says eight out of ten PNDs sold in 2015 will have integrated cellular connectivity.  Will live service compensate for shrinking growth margins? 
  • European sales challenges:   How do you overcome the hurdles of data roaming charges, content aggregation, cross-country licensing and content in varying formats?
  • Will live traffic be the driving force behind connected services?
  • How will connected services benefit traffic, location-based advertising and POI? 
  • Are connected services are the way forward for OEMs?   Are mobile device manufacturers moving towards a global model for traffic and connected services?
  • Are connected services only suitable for higher-end devices or is commoditisation on the way? 

Moderator: Joanne Blight, Director of Automotive and Telematics, Strategy Analytics
Klaus Kremer, Country Manager Central Europe and Benelux, ALK Technologies
Piotr Wesolowski, Wholesales Marketing Manager, T-Mobile
Roger Jollis, Director, OEM & Mobile Marketing, Garmin International
Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Research Director, TomTom Dynamic Content & Publishing

Jose Bedolla, Director of Business Development, Automotive, TeleNav, Inc.

Learn about the Metropolitan Navigation test platform – an open system for mobile navigation services
  • How does pedestrian navigation differ from vehicle navigation?  Which specific challenges need to be overcome?
  • What impact will advances positioning technology have on indoor location and pedestrian navigation? 
  • The market promotion of GNSS applications:  To what extent they match the needs of urban areas
  • The concept of seamless navigation (from GPS, WLAN & RFID): Understand the requirement for reliable data transmission and high quality features
  • Hear the positioning and plausibility strategies for areas with a non-liaison to Satellites
  • Understand the approved concept for product and system tests
  • Get a report on additional test applications in the Galileo test beds
Chairman: Michael Sandrock, Chairman, Telematics PRO
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