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Sorry you missed the show... Have a look at this year's event here:

Ubiquitous Location and Positioning Technology 2011 - June 21-22, Chicago


Find out how to pinpoint profits, drive pick-up rates & future-proof your tracking service at North America's first ever People Tracking conference

People Tracking is starting to soar in the USA and there is huge excitement about the profit potential it holds. With the rise of new technologies changing the space and clear indicators that big companies are investing, a dynamic revolution is underway – and gathering momentum.

However key challenges for the industry remain, and with Smartphones entering the space and the falling cost of GPS meaning everything is becoming location enabled the market is changing fast.

People Tracking and Location USA is the perfect opportunity to gain practical, real life, easy-to-implement proven solutions to your biggest problems.

To see the full agenda click here

What will you learn at People Tracking and Location USA?

  • Predictions for 2011 and beyond:  Premium market intelligence and exclusive market data, successful business models and key case studies
  • Exploiting profitable market segments:  Lone worker, consumer, lifestyle, mobile workforce management, government tracking and entertainment tracking
  • Getting to grips with market evolution: The Smartphone revolution, how GPS chip proliferation is impacting device decisions, and how legislation is driving the market to new heights
  • Cashing in on your data:  Increased revenue through better understanding of data handling and presentation, customer expectations and legal issues
  • Future-proofed tracking services: Key investment areas, new technologies and emerging markets
  • Indoor and ubiquitous location technologies:  Cost-effective solutions with proven technologies – and what MEMS can do for your business

Take a look at the Agenda and you will see we have compiled a conference that addresses all of your key challenges and offers you great networking potential with some of the most knowledgable senior executives in the space.

Plus get the opportunity to meet AT&T, Nokia, WaveMarket, Qualcomm, Bosch Sensortec, Verizon Wireless, Alcatel-Lucent and many more. Here where they think money is going to be made and learn how they are tackling some of your biggest problems.

Click here to see a list of speakers

The first Conference in North America to focus on rapidly emerging business opportunities – and the profit potential

  • 150+ Delegates
  • 30+ Senior Speakers
  • 10 hours of Networking
  • Exclusive Case Studies from industry leaders

Download Brochure for more information

Join the 150+ senior level attendees at People Tracking and Location USA, 22-23 June, Holiday Inn Mart Plaza, Chicago and give your business the best chance of becoming a key name in the tracking industry.

Don't forget to register by 7 May 2010 and save $300

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