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Overcome technical challenges and meet customer expectations to power your tracking business forward

Update! Confirmed Attendee List now online

Location technologies are relentlessly working their way into every mobile device. With 550 million GPS smartphones forecast to be sold by 2012, it's clear that location capabilities will soon become omnipresent.

In fact, the cost of embedding location capabilities is becoming so low that universal penetration of location is to be expected in most portable devices.

The market potential for tracking services is huge, but with soaring interest from end-users a vital question still remains: Are tracking products able to match up to customer expectations?

Complete list of speakers and topics

For the first time end-users, service providers and location enablers will come together at the industry's largest tracking and positioning conference with more than 25 speakers and a razor sharp agenda that identifies and solves the problems all tracking and positioning players are facing.

  • Pinpoint the profits in location technology: Get exclusive analysis on the areas generating serious profits, including Mobile Resource Management, Real-Time Locating Systems and Personal Emergency Response Systems markets
  • Discover what end-users really want with focused case studies: Grasp the real requirements of companies deploying locating solutions and realign your product strategies accordingly
  • Positioning technology breakdown: Discover how technologies such as WPS, UWB and Cell-ID location will aid GPS chipsets and create significant profit opportunities for your business
  • Access and exploit location data through Mobile Network Operators: Understand how you can cash in from MNO plans to open up the Cell-ID ecosystem and facilitate access to historical and real time location data
  • Get to grips with the future of indoor location and open the door to a new world of profits: Get expert insight on the potential of sensor, WPS, hybrid, UWB and infrastructure based indoor positioning solutions and re-examine your product strategy
  • Powerful strategies to exploit location data with context and real-time analysis: Discover the smart strategies companies are already utilising to transform and monetise location data

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Location is everywhere, customer expectations are soaring and the tracking industry is being hit by a storm of business drivers...

Tracking and locating solutions are becoming big business. Underpinned by an increasing interest from Mobile Network Operators, driven by customer demands for safety and supported by projections that 80% of all mobile phones will be GPS enabled in Q4 of 2011

It's not all plain sailing, however, and old problems are still causing major issues. Coverage, accuracy, indoor location, Time To First Fix and battery capacity all still plague tracking products.

While passable solutions to these problems are available, end-users expect location enabled products to meet their needs now. The big question is what do end-users want from these products? Do the strategies of location enablers, tracking solution providers and end-users all line up?

Take a look at last year's delegate list

The drivers are present and the statistics are incredible, but vital questions still remain...

  • Will hybrid positioning solutions become the norm?
  • Will indoor location problems be overcome in 2011?
  • How will Real Time Locating Systems evolve?
  • What is the potential of the MRM and PERS markets?
  • What role will MEMS sensors play in the industry?
  • And what of coverage, accuracy, battery and TTFF?

And that's not all; location players are still crying out for profit strategies that will guarantee serious revenues. Sustainable business models are critical for the success of all segments of the ecosystem.

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Tracking and Positioning Europe will find the solutions to these problems and offer a forum for innovation in 2011 and beyond

With the industry demanding to hear from mobile operators, end-users, insurance companies and pioneering location technology providers, the conference has brought together the executives that you need to do business with

Vodafone, BP, ESRI, IBM, Sagemcom, Bosch Sensortec, Zebra Technologies, CSR and more will tackle 2011's burning questions

Those are just a few names from a cast of more than 25 speakers from the industry's driving forces and innovators

Make sure your company is represented for these 2 packed days of intensive learning and networking.

Join the major location players on November 17th and 18th in Amsterdam and develop the profit strategies your business needs to succeed.


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